Ever wanted to know what goes into my kit bag and the equipment that I swear by? Well wonder no longer with my profile on Kit.com! It’s a website for creators to share their recommendations for the key items they use to get through each day. There’s kits for photographers, bloggers and specialists from all kinds of fields so you can see exactly what they use.

The REALLY cool part about it is that there’s links to where to buy the kit from and if you go ahead and purchase any of the kit, the referrer (hopefully me!) will get a little kickback for the recommendation. It doesn’t cost you anything and the referral fee is paid directly from the site you go to (Amazon for example) So if you ever want to support my work you can buy via my kit.com profile. Just head to https://kit.com/SSmailesPhoto to see what I use!

I’ve split my kit into two categories, one for my shooting (cameras, flashes batteries and the bags I use) and an editing kit with all the peripherals and kit I use for storage and backups. I’ll probably add some kits when I get some time for coffee, books etc that inspire me but for now, here’s my gear!

See the kits over on https://kit.com/SSmailesPhoto