UPDATE: New options for commercial & product photography during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Things might be shutting down across the business world but it’s time to turn a problem into opportunity!

I’m offering product or interior/exterior photoshoots during the Coronavirus outbreak! I can shoot your products from home and I’m still able to travel to your business (especially if the staff are working from home) if you need on location shoots. It’s perfect if you’ve been putting off having photography done because you were too busy or it would be too disruptive to your usual business.

Product Photography

Got a product that could do with a fresh gallery of images for your website or social media? I’ll work with you on ideas for props, settings and styles and create a series of images to keep your business moving during this challenging time. You can post the products out to me and I’ll shoot them remotely and update you as the project progresses.I have backgrounds and props at home that mean I can carry on working on your marketing during the disruption.

Interior/ Exterior Photography

If your business is closed or running on reduced staff it might be a perfect time to get photographs showing your business premises while keeping disruption to a minimum. If you’ve put off photography shoots before because of being too busy maybe now is the time to get those done! Those shots you’ve been meaning to get done with a nice clean empty work space, cafe, workshop, office can now be done.

Keep creating!

If you’re in need of photography for your business then get in touch via the form at the bottom of this page or give me a call on 07805477371. We can discuss options and ideas to work on now and things that can be done later in the year when things calm down and toilet rolls are back in stock.

In the meantime, let’s keep creating and do our best to keep business moving! Share my website and social media pages around to let colleagues and clients know that they can still get high quality images for their business. If you’re looking for some ideas for what is possible I’ve created a gallery of previous work to get the ideas going!

Stay healthy and safe.


Case Study: Stokes Tea & Coffee Product Shoot

Case Study: Stokes Tea & Coffee Product Shoot

facebookinstagrampinterestCase Study: Stokes Tea & Coffee Product Shoot Client: Stokes Tea & Coffee  Location: Lincoln, The Stokes Roastery Brief:  Christmas Products – The new Christmas range: Christmas Tea, Christmas Coffee, Coffee Selection Box. ...

In Focus – A Lincoln Small Business Blog – Akēdo Gaming Bar

In Focus – A Lincoln Small Business Blog – Akēdo Gaming Bar

Akēdo is Lincoln’s first gaming bar, owned by Toby Rovezzano. It opened in 2016 and offers customers the ability to play console games new and old with friends, all whilst having a few beers available from their bar. Toby took time out to chat with me about the current outlook for Akēdo.

In Focus – A Lincoln Small Business Blog – Mamma’s Italian Bistro

In Focus – A Lincoln Small Business Blog – Mamma’s Italian Bistro

Mamma’s if a family run Italian bistro in the Carlton Centre. Owned by Sharon and Roger Day. They serve pizzas pastas and sandwiches and as well as favourites like Sunday lunches (available as a takeaway!) I sat down with one of the owners Sharon Day to get her take on the impact to her business.

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