Hey wedding couples! I’m back with another supplier spotlight, this time we’re looking at wedding hairstylist Perfect Silhouette Hairdressing run by the lovely Robyn.

Robyn used to cut mine and Fiona (my lovely wife’s) hair before she left the salon to start her own business. When we were planning our wedding Fiona got in touch with her and Robyn styled Fiona’s hair for our wedding in October last year, so it’s safe to say we approve of her work!

Here’s what she had to say about her business and life as a wedding hairdresser:

Photo: Perfect Silhouette Hairdressing

” I don’t think I’d ever get bored of styling brides. It’s just such an honour to be there in the morning…”

The journey to weddings…

“I first got into hairdressing when I started as a Saturday girl at a hairdressers when I was 14. I did my apprenticeship and training there and moved to Lincoln to work in Salon Two for around 5 years. I liked putting hair up there and I knew I liked doing weddings but it was never something I focused on. When I left the salon in 2015 I was able to decide what I wanted to and I knew I wanted to do weddings so I did lots of wedding fairs a lot of practising and went on courses and really pushed my business to where it is now.

I get excited about anything that’s a little bit different but I love doing the classic bride as well. I don’t think I’d ever get bored of styling brides. It’s just such an honour to be there in the morning with them helping them get ready. Up-do’s is my thing. I prefer up-do’s than downs but I am more than happy doing either. 

I love doing more alternative weddings. Someone has come to me recently and said that their wedding is a circus theme which I got really excited about. Someone else told me they were getting married on a boat and they wanted glittery roots and a tiara and I was all over that!”

Robyn adding the finishing touches to Fiona’s hair at our wedding.


“My main aim is for them to walk out of that trial 100% happy and 100% sure that they’ve found their style for the wedding.”

The Trial

“I tell my brides to try and time your hair trail to be the same day as your dress fitting so you can see what the dress would look like with the hair. A trial lasts around 2 and a half hours. They come with any hair accessories they’ve got and any pictures of styles that they like, just to get a general gist of how they are feeling. I’ll chat to them and find out what their dress is like, the theme of their wedding. Just get to know as much as I can about them and their wedding.

I’ll find out how they normally wear their hair and what they’re comfortable with. Then we just have a play about to see what suits their face shape and then create something and get a bit of feedback. Sometimes we try a couple of different styles if they are not sure what they want. My main aim is for them to walk out of that trial 100% happy and 100% sure that they’ve found their style for the wedding.

Sometimes I do trials for mums and bridesmaids as well. It’s not included in the package but they can have one if they want. So they can come together and have their trials together. Usually 1 or 2 people come with the bride to give some outside perspective on what they think. I always say don’t bring too many people because you don’t want too many opinions and it can make you doubt what you actually want”


Choosing a style

“It’s good to have an idea of what you want before you start. I always like it when a bride brings pictures with them. It just gives me an insight into they type of style they want, the texture, the feel of the hair that they want. It doesn’t matter if there are a few different ones. It’ll give me an idea of the type of look they are going for.

I always have a chat with them before hand to make sure we’re on the same page. I like them to have a rough idea but nothing set in stone. For example if they have really fine hair and they have this picture of a model with masses of thick long locks it’s just not going to look the same. As long as they have a general sort of idea, that’s great, and extensions are always an option to add length and volume if needed. I can help them link it with the style of the dress as well. Because sometimes the style of the dress will dictate what their hairstyle will be.”


Photo: Perfect Silhouette Hairdressing

Tips for the wedding day


“I tell my brides to have clean hair on your wedding day. Don’t use heavy conditioners that will make your hair too soft and fly away. I prefer their hair to be clean and then I can build up the products on there that I want to make the hair do what I want it to do rather than start with dirty hair. I say this at the trial as well as before the wedding day as I like them to come with clean hair. I also tell brides to wear something that you don’t have to pull over their head so it won’t ruin your hair when you take it off.

Something that I warn people against is having a set schedule. I’ve seen some people make schedules that say this person is having their hair done at this time and then getting their make up done at this time and then they get flappy when things start running behind. I try to say to people, “I’ll make sure everything is done on time and you just enjoy the morning”. Set in stone schedules never really work.

I try to have everyone ready by an hour before the ceremony to give them time to have photos, get in their dresses, see the registrar, whatever they need to do. That’s always worked out pretty well.”



“If they’ve got an accessory they definitely want to use, I’ll tell them to bring it with them to the trial and we can incorporate that in. If not then come to your trial, we’ll find the perfect style and then I’ve got quite a range of my own accessories that we can try to find which accessory works best and then they can go off and find what they want which is best suited to their style”

You can see all the details about Robyn’s business over on her website https://www.perfectsilhouettehairdressing.com/. She has all the details of her pricing and she has been doing tips on her facebook page for great hair so go follow her! Robyn has also given me some tips on what to ask your hairdresser before booking which is a separate post I’ll be publishing very soon!

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