Hey wedding couples! It’s supplier spotlight time and this time we’re meeting Amy Lauren Weddings. Amy’s business is all about making your wedding planning less stressful and making sure you get the day of your dreams whilst giving you as much control as you’d like over suppliers and style choices. 

The following is Amy talking about her business in her own words. Enjoy!

All About Amy Lauren Weddings


As well as working with couples at venues I collaborate with, I work with couples independently who are getting married at their own unique venue. Whether that be a marquee, a tipi, a large yurt in their or their parents garden or field.

Generally they haven’t anybody to coordinate the day and keep everything on track, so I take the role of coordinator to make sure everybody is looked after and happy. 

I combat stress, manage contingency plans (lots to do with the wonderful British weather!) troubleshoot issues and make sure the day is coordinated the way the couple want it to. I can also help couples find suitable suppliers that are local to their venue that compliment what they want from their day. I select and search for the suppliers that match their requirements.

It’s important to me that a wedding planner isn’t there to take control of your day but instead guide, reassure and to give advice.

On the day I ensure all the suppliers are welcomed and supervised. It takes such a huge stress off the family and the bride. The last thing you want on the morning of your wedding day is to be running around in your pjs, meeting caterers, organising electric and final table decorations.

Unfortunately if I or one of my team weren’t on hand these jobs would fall to the bride, her family or the bridesmaids; and that isn’t much fun for them either. With us there to coordinate the day it gives couples the opportunity to just enjoy the morning together.

I work with couples through the whole planning process, doing as much or as little as people want. I don’t like to be one size fits all because it really doesn’t. It’s important that each couple feel they have ownership of their day. It’s important to me that a wedding planner isn’t there to take control of your day but instead guide, reassure and to give advice. I have lots of contacts in the Industry, however I have a strict rule that I don’t work for commission. I like to choose the suppliers that are going to be best suited for that individual job. It’s all about relationships and sourcing the right people for the right job. 

The Client Journey


So we’d arrange to meet up at the venue, meeting and discussing different elements of the day and who they’ve already got involved. We like to spend a good couple of hours going through everything, getting to know you, and writing everything down.

We talk about what things they really want to include and what sort of party them as a couple would like. We think about catering, if they want it really formal or want it more social, making sure that all the elements of the day match up with what they’re telling me. If they’re not it’s about directing them on different routes and providing alternative options they’d perhaps not considered so that they are planning the day that they want.

 It’s an honour to be involved in people’s weddings and have the couples to trust me to look after them. “

At that point, some couples will ask for me to supply supplier sourcing options for them, so then I would go away with the different suppliers they want me to find. Some people want me to find everybody and other people only have a couple that they need help with.

I’ll go home and put together the list of the suppliers they need. During that time I’ll send them over our Bride School wedding planning assistant file, all written by me over the years. Inside the file is the handbook, a four part spreadsheet which has an invite & RSVP tracker, your table layouts so you can keep an eye on where you want people to be sat. It’s also got your budget monitoring so you can track when you have to pay somebody so your suppliers don’t have to chase you. It comes with a To-do list which links up with the handbook so you can read a section and tick it off your To-do list so you know which bits you’ve done. It’s all step by step tracking basically. 

We then would arrange another appointment where we go through all the suppliers that have been sourced. I give them all the instructions for booking and then they choose who they want. We do another catch up meeting a few weeks or months later just to make sure that they’ve got everybody they need and there’s nothing outstanding.

If they’re having on the day coordination we meet up 6 weeks before and go through absolutely everything.

On the day we arrive generally around 8 in the morning depending on what time they are getting married. We do all the setup alongside the venue stylist or florist and then stay until after the first dance!

Collaborating with Venues


As well as working with couples independently, we work with The Priory, Leadenham Estate and have a number of other exciting things happening that we will be sharing soon!! So watch this space. All the venues I work with are very different, which is great as not everyone wants the same wedding day, and we aspire to create each day we coordinate unique to each couple.

As we do with our private clients we work with each of our couples to ensure we offer full support and immeasurable coordination for them, helping them to create their own unique and most incredible day. It’s an honour to be involved in people’s weddings and have the couples to trust me to look after them.

I’ve been in the industry for a long time and I’ve found where I want to sit in this industry and I feel really blessed to have been involved with all the suppliers I’ve been involved with. It’s an honour to be involved in people’s weddings and have couples trust. It makes me feel very humbled that they put that sort of faith in me. I like to go above and beyond and give 110%. If there’s a problem I can guarantee it will be sorted. I’m very approachable so it doesn’t matter what time of the night you get in touch with me if I’m awake I’ll always get back to you.”

Thanks to Amy for taking the time to tell us about her business. I’ll be sharing some more general wedding planning tips from her very soon in another blog so stay tuned for that!

You can find out more about Amy on her website https://www.amylaurenweddings.co.uk/


You can also purchase the Brideschool workbook she mentioned as a standalone product from Etsy and very soon on Amazon too.

Also check out the venues Amy works with at the following links:


Leadenham Estate – https://leadenhamestate.com/


Weddings at The Priory – https://www.facebook.com/weddingsattheprioryhotel/




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