Case Study: Stokes Tea & Coffee Product Shoot

  • Client: Stokes Tea & Coffee 

  • Location: Lincoln, The Stokes Roastery

  • Brief: 

    • Christmas Products – The new Christmas range: Christmas Tea, Christmas Coffee, Coffee Selection Box. 
    • Subscriptions – Shot of the new subscription service: a few different photos for these, so we can launch with some really strong imagery.
    • Café – A couple of dishes, clean photos that can be used across a range of materials and channels
    • Great British Food Mag – They had purchased an ad in Great British Food magazine so would like an image that gets everything they cover in one shot. 
  • Key Things: 

    • Half day shoot
    • Lot’s of products
    • Props for the Christmas photos
    • Backgrounds
    • A fresh style to go with the updates to the Stokes brand.

This one was really exciting for me. As you would know from the Lincoln Coffee Guide I shot for Visit Lincoln, I really do love my coffee! The aims for the shoot were to get some fresh imagery for the Christmas products and the new Stokes coffee subscription service as well as some of the food from the lovely Stokes Cafe at the Lawn. All to appear on the brand new website https://stokescoffee.com/

The Stokes brand has been undergoing a refresh with the help of Jack who brought me on board to help realise his vision for the brand’s new direction. He had seen a talk I’d done at the University of Lincoln a few years ago and got in touch to see if I was available and I couldn’t say yes quick enough!

For the Christmas themed images I wanted to surround the products with Christmas themed props which you can see in the image above. The background is a brand new paper background I’ve purchased for my product photography. There’s a number of different options to pick from and they look really realistic and roll up nice and easy for quick set up times.

For the fairly lights in the background I set up a simple background stand with a cross bar and draped the lights, making sure I left plenty of distance between the products and the lights and using a long focal length to get the nice bokeh effects

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