“Art is everything you can sense plus whatever craps in your head”

…reads the back of one of the protester’s jackets as he listens to a poem read out to the supporters on the steps of the Usher Gallery in Lincoln. The end of a protest march up Lincoln’s High St to oppose the councils plans to change a large part of the Usher Gallery, an arts and culture venue, into a wedding venue. Covering this for The Lincolnite is always interesting as there is a lot of things at play here. The protest is moving so I have to keep an eye on everything happening around me and think what is going to be a good angle once I’ve finished with the current one I’m working on and move there in time to capture it. You never know what will happen next so you have to ready for anything.

It’s great fun to shoot though and marches like this create some great street photography moments like the one of the busker with the protesters marching by. I’m pretty sure he had no idea what was going on as he carried on playing his guitar.

You can see the gallery I shot for The Lincolnite website here. It’s a little different to this one.

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Enjoy the gallery!