This week I had the opportunity to take a look at the new Luminarium: Qodlumin, a unique temporary structure that tours the globe giving an out of this world experience to visitors. The idea was designed by Alan Parkinson who’s influence for the structures comes from natural forms, geometric solids and Islamic and Gothic architecture. The Luminarium is a series of chambers each with a different size, shape and colour combines with sounds to give a full sensory experience.

The entire structure is essentially one giant inflatable with round sides which give an unearthly feel. You have to take your shoes off and proceed through an airlock before you enter a huge green chamber that opens out into a huge central chamber with smaller ones splitting off with different colours and shapes to them. It was a joy to photograph but not without it’s challenges. All of the light comes from the sun and it was in and out of the clouds and each room in the structure let different amounts of light in and changed the colour and shape of that light with the help of filters to give the each room it’s own unique feel.

Because these images were being published in the local news website The Lincolnite I knew I wanted to not only show the space inside but give that feeling of wonder and the alien feeling you get when inside by using the slow shutter speeds and fish eye lens for the distortion. Take the image at the top of the page. You’re left wondering who the man is and how does he feel in that space? I love I got the symmetry just right in that image by the way! The colours made by the sunlight coming through the materials also make for great colourful images.

Natural lighting from above and a flash lighting him from either side to lift him off the background made this a special image!

The standout image for me was the one of the man floating in the air. There are moments in a shoot that you need to take charge others where you need to go with the flow and try something. In the photo is Eric, one of the people working at the Lumunarium. We were chatting whilst I was wandering around the structure and he said he had an idea for a shot of him jumping in the only section where pure natural light falls on the room. This is where to go with the flow. He showed me what he meant and I knew what to do straight away. I’d brought my two speedlights with me with remote triggers which I placed either side and just behind him to help lift him from the backdrop. He also had the funnel of light above him which was great too. We took a few frames and I got the shot that you see here. A little teamwork goes a long way!

The Luminarium is open to the public until Sunday 14 April 2019 and is well worth a visit! Take a look at the rest of the gallery below and read the article on The Lincolnite here.


The Lincolnite article: https://thelincolnite.co.uk/2019/04/look-inside-the-new-lincoln-luminarium/

Architects of Air: https://www.architects-of-air.com/home