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With the current outlook seeming gloomy for small businesses (myself included) I’m taking action and will be highlighting local businesses that are still operating and are depending on your business to weather the storm. It’s vital that we support small businesses like these so that they and their staff can continue to function. In this series of posts I’ll be showing a few pictures of them and chatting to them about how we can help and why it’s important for us to do so. The first business is Madame Waffle.


Business Name: Madame Waffle

Location: Lincoln High Street

Specialty: High standard of coffee and waffle options.

Opening Times: 9am – 5pm

Current level of service: The full menu including a new vegan menu. Everything is available for takeaway but no delivery service.


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Bruce Whetton who is a co-founder of the business sat down with me to chat about their reasons to stay open and how people can help.

“Until it becomes mandatory to close we HAVE to stay open, it’s as simple as that.


We want to weather this storm and come out the other end and still serve the High Street. We’ve served the High Street for five years, people like what we do and we want to continue with that. My main concern is my staff, they’ve got bills and financial demands they’ve got to meet and they need a wage.

My message to people is to come and enjoy what we do here. The hygiene standards are very high here and it’s a nice environment. It’s got a nice vibe, we are all in this together and if we’re sensible and not getting in each other’s faces you can come here and have a nice time.


With regards to the panic buying and stocking goods, we’re cooking for people so if they want to hold on to their resources a little longer they can come here and we’ll cook for them.


There’s concerns but I have a philosophy of if you can do something about it do it but if you can’t don’t worry about it”

You can support Madame Waffle by popping in for a coffee or grabbing a waffle for lunch there. They are on the High Street next door to the old Ruddock’s shop.

In Focus is a free service for any small business that is still operating during the outbreak and the best way to be involved is to email info@stevesmailesphotography.co.uk with your details and what you’re still doing to keep business going. I hope to show people what’s out there in the local community and help people through these testing times

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