In Focus: A Lincoln Small Business Blog – Stringers Hairdressers

With the current outlook seeming gloomy for small businesses (myself included) I’m taking action and will be highlighting local businesses that are still operating and are depending on your business to weather the storm. It’s vital that we support small businesses like these so that they and their staff can continue to function. In this series of posts I’ll be showing a few pictures of them and chatting to them about how we can help and why it’s important for us to do so.

This is the third blog in the series and features Stringers Hairdressers


Business Name: Stringers Hairdressers

Location: Lincoln (lower) High Street (near Iceland)

Specialty: Ladies Hairdressing

Opening Times: Tuesday – Friday 9am–6pm

Saturday 8:30am – 4:30pm (Subject to change)

Current level of service: Normal opening hours and offering hair products delivery for a small charge.


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Stringers Hairdressing is a Salon on the Lower High Street that has been serving Lincoln for twenty years. Co-owners Linda & Imogen Robinson along with Kelly who was working on admin when I visited, run the salon with 7 other staff and provide colouring and hair styling for women and hair colouring for men. Here’s what Linda & Imogen had to say.

“The salon has been around for twenty years and it’s a well established salon. We have an academy upstairs where we train our apprentices and we are experts in our field. If anyone has any issues or hair problems, we are the people to come and see. We have experts in colour and colour correction.

There’s a definite slowing in rebooking we’ve had several cancellations mainly from older clients that are concerned because they’ve been told to self isolate.The next few weeks is nowhere near as busy as we’d normally be so there’s going to be a big impact on us. Other than that all our services are the same.

Each station is now being disinfected after every client and all our combs and equipment is cleaned after every client. Clients are asked to wash their hands when they come in and the staff are washing their hands regularly as well.

We’d recommend anyone showing symptoms to reschedule your booking instead of cancelling as we are relying on your custom. We have 7 members of staff to support which is one of our main priorities. If you’re not at major risk we’d like you to continue to come to the salon because we’re taking all the precautions that the government have advised and if you do the same then there’s really very minimal risk of anybody catching anything and it’s nice to look and feel good.

We’d also like to suggest to people to perhaps buy a gift voucher that they can use at a later date and that will ensure they get an appointment when it’s all over plus it sustains our ability to stay open for business. Anyone can phone up and buy the gift voucher and we can put a credit onto their account. We use a computerised system so people don’t have to physically posses the voucher they can come in and use it anytime at a later date so they don’t have to worry about losing it.

You can also have that salon feeling at home. We’ve got an offer on our Wella products that are half price and we can post those products our for a small fee.

We’re determined to be here when it’s all over so just keep booking. All our staff are still here and we’re still having a laugh so come and see us. Keep us here for another twenty years. That’s what we want!”

In Focus is a free service for any small business that is still operating during the outbreak and the best way to be involved is to email info@stevesmailesphotography.co.uk with your details and what you’re still doing to keep business going. I hope to show people what’s out there in the local community and help people through these testing times

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