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It’s vital we come together and share our knowledge and skills in these troubled times which is why I wanted to share my skills as a photographer to help others. In Focus is a free service for any small business in Lincoln and the best way to be involved is to send your details and what your business does to info@stevesmailesphotography.co.uk.​ In this series of posts I’ll be showing a few pictures of them and chatting to them about how we can help and why it’s important for us to do so.


This is the fifth blog and features Mamma’s Italian Bistro.


Business Name: Mamma’s Italian Bistro

Location: Carlton Centre, Lincoln

Specialty: Family run Italian Bistro.

Opening Times: 10am – 7 or 8pm depending on the day

Current level of service: Offering takeaway on pizzas, pastas, panninis and even Sunday Lunch!



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Mamma’s is a family run Italian bistro in the Carlton Centre. Owned by Sharon and Roger Day. They serve pizzas pastas and sandwiches and as well as favourites like Sunday lunches (available as a takeaway!) I sat down with Sharon to get her take on the impact to her business.

Normally we’re really busy. Throughout the week we normally do half price pastas and pizzas on a Tuesday and Wednesday but we’re not able to offer that at the moment. We had over 100 bookings in for Mother’s Day weekend and that’s all gone now. It’s had a huge cash effect on the business. We’ve had to lay off our Saturday girl and the pot washers have been laid off.

We opened a year ago. This place has been a restaurant for the last ten to twelve years but it’s never had an identity. The name Mamma’s comes from my granddaughter who lives with us, she always calls me mamma so we decided to create the identity based around that. It represents family and people getting together. We wanted to create a nice environment for people to relax, come in, chill and have a chat.


It’s lovely when you’ve got a lot of people in and you can hear the chatter. It’s all changed inside so it’s all very rustic being Italian. We’ve got an Italian chef, Fabio who cooks our amazing food and loves creating new things. It’s all about the experience. The great food that we serve and now it’s about being able to take that home.


Everything we cook is fresh, we don’t microwave anything, we use local suppliers, we cook all our own ham and the beef which goes into the Sunday roasts that we make ourselves. We use Seven Districts coffee and serve Lincoln Gin on the bar.

We’re doing takeaway pastas, pizzas, panninis for collection. Just call ahead so we can prepare your food. We are offering delivery on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings from 5pm. You can also pay over the phone. You can also buy a gift voucher and redeem it when we’re back to normal the phone.


It’s important to keep supporting us so we can carry on doing what we know and what we love and to keep people in a job. We have suppliers and it’s also their jobs on the line. It’s a chain really, the customers support us and we support our staff and the suppliers and it’s a chain reaction so we need as much support as we possible can.

You can order your takeaway from Mamma’s by calling 01522 538818. You can view their menu on their website here.



In Focus is a free service for any small business that is still operating during the outbreak and the best way to be involved is to email info@stevesmailesphotography.co.uk with your details and what you’re still doing to keep business going. I hope to show people what’s out there in the local community and help people through these testing times. You can read more of the blogs by clicking the links below.

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