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It’s vital we come together and share our knowledge and skills in these troubled times which is why I wanted to share my skills as a photographer to help others. In Focus is a free service for any small business in Lincoln and the best way to be involved is to send your details and what your business does to info@stevesmailesphotography.co.uk.​ In this series of posts I’ll be showing a few pictures of them and chatting to them about how we can help and why it’s important for us to do so.

This is the sixth and final blog (for now) is about Akēdo Gaming Bar. This was shot before the lockdown had begun and until the lockdown is lifted I won’t be shooting any more businesses. You can still register to be included though!

Business Name: Akēdo Gaming Bar

Location: Corporation Street, Lincoln

Specialty: Gaming bar featuring consoles, board games and VR

Opening Times: 3pm – 11pm (currently closed due to the coronavirus lockdown)

Current level of service: Offering gift cards with perks for the amount you put on the gift card. 

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Akēdo is Lincoln’s first gaming bar, owned by Toby Rovezzano. It opened in 2016 and offers customers the ability to play console games new and old with friends, all whilst having a few beers available from their bar. Akēdo has a basement level which has various consoles available to play as well as a VR booth and they also occasionally host gigs in there too. The bar has events, tournaments and amazing ales on an ever-changing basis. Toby took time out to chat with me about the current outlook for Akēdo.

 It’s all a bit crazy. I didn’t come into 2020 expecting anything like this! A week ago we were busy, I had loads to do, the bar was busy and now it’s all just stopped.​ It’s really just hit now we’re shut just the severity of it. I just feel a bit lost, I’ve got nothing to do. I’m trying to work out how to do the best I can. Now everywhere has been told to close, everyone is in a panic no one knows what to do. We don’t know if we’re getting any help. It’s all a bit nerve wracking when the government are saying this and that and we don’t know if we are going to get any help. 

All we know is we’re shut and we’re trying to devise a way to make this into a more positive thing and ask the general public for a bit of help. We’re going to do some live streams on Twitch and Youtube. I’m going to be doing some DJing from behind the bar and playing some games. People can donate on there. I’m actually a terrible gamer but I’m going to play on there. The new Doom game has just come out so I’m going to work my way through that and stream it so hopefully people will find it in them to donate while I keep myself occupied and they’ll get a bit of fun out of it.

With everyone’s support it takes the pressure off us, we’re not making anything while we’ve been told to shut so we have no income and we still have our bills to pay and I think it’s important if you want us to survive. Akēdo is a popular little bar and we want to come out of this the other side and hopefully see you all again.

I also want to urge people that the government guidelines are there for a reason. I don’t know why people are still going out shopping and buying all the stuff off the shelves. The more and more people that go out and potentially infect more people. The longer I’m shut for and the longer we’re all shut for. This is our livelihoods and we all depend on it. We just need everyone to do the right thing and stay at home. I just hope we all get through this safe.

Akēdo is currently selling gift cards with perks at various tiers from £10 to £100. All the details can be found on their website and I’ve included the tiers below. You can make a donation of any amount via paypal also on the website. You’ll be able to rent console games as part of your gift card purchase and receive cans of the ale normally available on the bar to drink while you play.




  • Invite to relaunch party.

  • Rent one game for one night.

  • 1 can of ale.



  • Invite to relaunch party.

  • Rent one game for two nights.

  • 2 cans of ale.

  • Invite to relaunch party.

  • Rent two games for three nights.

  • 3 cans of ale.

  • Akedo TSHIRT


GOD MODE – £100

  • Invite to relaunch party.

  • Rent two games for three nights.

  • 3 cans of ale.

  • Akedo TSHIRT

  • 20% Off for Life

  • Private Hire for the Bar for One Evening.

In Focus is a free service for any small business that is still operating during the outbreak and the best way to be involved is to email info@stevesmailesphotography.co.uk with your details and what you’re still doing to keep business going. I hope to show people what’s out there in the local community and help people through these testing times. You can read more of the blogs by clicking the links below.

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