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With the current outlook seeming gloomy for small businesses (myself included) I’m taking action and will be highlighting local businesses that are still operating and are depending on your business to weather the storm. It’s vital that we support small businesses like these so that they and their staff can continue to function. In this series of posts I’ll be showing a few pictures of them and chatting to them about how we can help and why it’s important for us to do so.

This is the second blog in the series and features Bar Unico


Business Name: Bar Unico

Location: Lincoln High Street (near the war memorial)

Specialty: Authentic Italian bar experience

Opening Times: Monday – Friday – 8.30am – 5pm
Saturday – 8.30am – 6pm
Sunday – 11am – 4pm

Current level of service: Open as normal & offering a delivery service (within 7 miles) for their daytime menu 10am – 4pm subject to change


Website | Facebook | Twitter

Bar Unico offers pizza, pasta and sandwiches made fresh in the kitchen by Giovanni Carchedi and his team. If you go to their Facebook there’s behind-the-scenes videos including Gio’s impressive pancake tossing skills! They also offer hot and cold drinks and were recently featured in the Lincoln Coffee Guide which I also worked on (see the blog about that here).

Giovanni  who runs the business told me how they are coping at the moment.

“I understand everyone’s worried about going out into public places but I’ve been in the supermarkets this morning and everyone doesn’t seem to worried about getting too close there so I hope people understand where small businesses are coming from when they want to stay open and needing support from the local community.

“We are heeding Government advice and providing our normal service while taking all the necessary precautions. We’ll keep our doors open until it’s not worth it or we’re told otherwise. So as long as we get people going into local businesses and supporting independents like Bar Unico, we’ll continue to operate while it’s safe to do so.

We’ll update our website and social media regarding opening times and what we can deliver.

You can support Bar Unico by popping in for a drink or ordering a meal for takeaway or delivery.. They are on St Benedict’s Square, just off the High Street near the war memorial

In Focus is a free service for any small business that is still operating during the outbreak and the best way to be involved is to email info@stevesmailesphotography.co.uk with your details and what you’re still doing to keep business going. I hope to show people what’s out there in the local community and help people through these testing times

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