Case Study: Lincoln Coffee Guide

  • Client: Visit Lincoln

  • Location: Lincoln (16 coffee shops)

  • Brief: 

    • Exterior and interior shots of 16 coffee shops.
    • Baristas making coffee and customers enjoying coffee.
    • Photography of a coffee course.
    • Selection of shots of different types of coffee (Americano, Cappuccino, Flat White, V60 etc.);
    • Shots of coffee shops in context of Lincoln (ie. street scenes).
  • Key Things: 

    • Multiple locations.
    • Keeping a consistent style throughout.
    • Working closely with the designers and the client.
    • Meeting all the coffee shop staff & customers and getting them on board.

Highlighting Lincoln’s great coffee shops was a real treat for me being a coffee lover myself. When Joel first emailed me about the project I know I had to be the one to work on it! There was a fairly tight schedule to get everything shot to be ready to go to print but working closely with Joel and the designers at Soka Studio meant we kept on track. I even got to meet the designers before shooting to get more info on the look and feel of the guide so we knew exactly what style was needed and where the images would be used. Working closely with designers really helps me focus down the creative vision and showing them ideas I had before I shot them helped to craft what the images will look like before I’d spent the time shooting them which helped eliminate wasted time on images that wouldn’t make the cut.

We had taken inspiration from other coffee guides and liked the use of daylight so a lot of the shots are by windows and I limited to use of flash. I tried to get the photos of the staff making drinks and focusing on that rather than posing. Often it was necessitated by them needing to serve customers anyway and also tried to get the atmosphere of the shop around them so it wasn’t all close up shots of someone making coffee.

Another main focus was showing what makes each shop different from the others. Showcasing their food, how they serve their coffee, the unique space to drink in etc. Examples of this are the unique interior of Coffee Aroma, the waffles in Madame Waffle or the cosy sofas and shelves of books in the Bookstop Cafe. This had to be distilled down to 3 or 4 images that would go into each shop’s page in the guide.

A huge thanks to all of the coffee shops that were part of the guide and to Joel and the team at Visit Lincoln for bringing me on the project. I hope to work on other guides like this in the future. If you are looking for photos like these for your products or services then get in touch for a quote and we’ll discuss how we can show your business in the best light. It all starts by filling in the contact form below.