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PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY: I got a new bag. Time to show my product photography skills!

20 March 2020 | Behind the Lens, blog

PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY: I got a new bag. Time to show my product photography skills!

You may have seen the blog offering remote product photography shoots for your business. I can photograph your products from home and work with you on ideas and styles remotely and quickly. With my new photography bag arriving this week I thought I would go through what goes into a product shoot and the creative decisions behind what I made in an afternoon with my new bit of kit!

The Shoot

I took the bag out to an abandoned quarry (now a nature park near me) to get the rocky backdrop to help communicate the rugged materials that make the bag tough and also because the natural and rough rocky floor contrasts with the smooth clean looks of the bag. Also the rocky cliff makes a great background instead of the blown out sky or my messy kitchen at home!

I tried to get images that show the details on the bag from the skull on the back plate of the bag to the high quality zips and dividers inside the camera compartment. Using only daylight helped keep the natural feel and given it was a cloudy day it was nice and even light anyway. Sometimes keeping things simple beats complexity.


When it comes to product photography you’re ticking the boxes of the customer. When I was looking for a new bag I wanted something that could store my kit but also be comfortable (camera’s and lenses are heavy!) and be flexible enough to fit lots of shapes and sizes in way that keeps them tidy and prevents them getting damaged. 

Showing things like the textures in the materials and the badges on the bags enforce the brand and show the quality that every customer wants to see to confirm they are making the right choice in purchasing the product.



If this has inspired you to get some product photos I’d love to talk to you! We can get started right away with ideas and influences and create a mood board to help zero in on what we want to create and the message we want to send.

I’ll then shoot some images when I have the product and send you updates of the progress. We can work on edits and I’ll send you images to look over and make any changes you need.

Budgets vary on the time it will take, the props that will be required and the number of items to photograph but we can discuss this on a case by case basis and work to the budget you have.

Fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page to get started!

About the bag…

So back in autumn last year when going outside was safe my photography bag started to show its age. It was time for a new bag so the search began. I’m no fan of shopping but I do love photography equipment and kit with features and functionality so when I came across the Peter McKinnon bag on Kickstarter it was perfect timing and fit everything I wanted for a photography bag.

If you’re not a big Youtube fan like me you may not know of Peter McKinnon. He’s a Youtube creator with over 4 million subscribers and a mix of photography tutorials and vlogs covering his equipment, his work as well as the work of others in photography and video.

The bag was developed by Peter and Nomatic a world class bag maker of all kinds of bags for all kinds of uses. But they didn’t really have a bag specifically for photography…..until now.

The bag has been built with a whole host of little touches that make it the perfect camera bag. To list them all would take a loooooong time so I’ll let the video explain if you’re interested.




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